Adventure is on the Horizon

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My passport is sitting, gathering dust in my safe. It's time that it is broken out again. Samantha and I are in the beginning stages of planning our next great adventure. I can't be more excited about it. It started as a Nordic adventure through the fjords of Finland, Norway and Sweden and then we decided that since we missed out on the Sound of Music tour when we were studying abroad, it needed to be bumped up to the top of the list. 

Salzburg than turned into a Germany and Austria trip through the alps. On the (tentative) agenda is Munich, Neuschwanstein, Garmisch, Salzburg and Vienna. I will simultaneously be Heidi, Julie Andrews and a Hapsburg waltzing around Vienna.

Next October cannot come soon enough. I have forgotten how much I missed planning elaborate vacations. The hardest part is narrowing down just where in the world I want to go. On the one hand, I want to throw a dart and go wherever it lands. But on the other hand, I have kept an ever-growing list of wanderlust that needs to be checked off.

And now the real fun begins.

First on my list: Pick the perfect hashtag for the trip. 

Second: Start learning German. Duolingo will be my new best friend.

Third: Refresh my memory on the dozens of wars of Austrian succession.

And now I need your help: Have you visited Bavaria, Salzburg or Vienna? What would you recommend to eat/see/do there?

Coffee Talk

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Saturday, October 18, 2014

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Happy weekend everyone! I'm at my parent's this weekend and the Christmas decoration buying has already begun. It's never too early to start in my opinion.

The Eiffel Tower now has a glass floor. I never climbed up the most famous piece of architecture in the city, but with this new addition might have been a selling feature to get me to wait in line before walking up the hundreds of stairs. 

Breakfast (and brunch and brinner) is my favorite meal. There is something about starting your morning off right that sets the tone for the rest of the day. Here are five ways to make the most of breakfast and make it healthier.

It is still very much in the preliminary planning stages, but Samantha and I are visiting Germany in October 2015 and Casey's travel guides were the first place I turned for inspiration and ideas.

Jillian's comparison of Luke Danes and her man (Luke Boyfriend) made me nostalgic for Stars Hollow all the while laughing hysterically. 

Eating better makes you feel better from the inside out. I am reminded of this most right after I have eaten half of a pizza on my own or a sleeve of Oreos. I want to join Taylor in eating a more plant-based and natural diet.

Thinking about freelancing as a travel writer? Find out how it has been working out for Monica. 

Looking for a calligraphy starter kit? Check out this one Jennifer tested.

Keep Your Eyes Open

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Friday, October 17, 2014

She's known as the only person who dares stand up to Anna Wintour and tell her what she thinks. Or the creative mind behind American Vogue. Or the real star on the September Issue (other than Andre Leon Talley, of course.) Grace's story is fascinating, especially after reading her memoir, which is a wonderful read and not simply a nice coffee table book. 

Inspiration can come from the smallest of places: a sunrise, skyline or the pretty turn of a phrase in your favorite book. Always keep your eyes open to the world around you. Sometimes it becomes easy to get lost in the haze of routine.

If the ordinary and life's simple pleasures are inspiration for one of the most brilliant minds in the magazine world, then it is good enough for you and me. So get out and explore this weekend. Keep watching and you might be surprised by the ideas that come about.

Fall Wardrobe

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Have I mentioned how much I love shopping from the comfort of my bed? There are no pesky salespeople following you around pressuring you to make impulse purchases; instead I can throw every possible item I love into my cart and then slowly weed out the so-so items before taking a step back and reevaluating the purchase before hitting "buy now." There is actually less buyer's remorse with online shopping. Plus, I get the anticipation of waiting for packages to arrive. 

So when J Crew Factory had their 50% off sale this weekend, I went a little crazy. And by crazy I mean making an investment in my wardrobe. Did anyone else spend a good chunk of their paycheck along with me?

Two Year Blogiversary

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

My two year blogiversary was this month. I've learned a lot over these two years and now I'm passing some of my not-so-sage wisdom on to you. For starters, I wish that I would have told my younger self how to format verticle pictures to be the width of the blog. It's now a pet peeve of mine and the reason that I prefer not to read through my archives. What would you like to tell yourself when you started blogging?

1. Everyone has a point of view and something to share with the world. Don't feel the need to copy everyone else or only write what you think others will want to read. 

2. You can make friends online without it being creepy.

3. Strangers will want to read what you have to say. Sometimes it's easier to write knowing that people you don't know are reading and won't read into every cryptic comment and vague reference to your real life that you make.

4. Numbers don't matter. Nothing is a killjoy like checking your pageviews or followers every hour. 

5. Invest in lattes, peonies and a lifetime supply of nail polish. They are the staples of every successful blogger. And don't forget to Instagram them constantly so everyone knows.

6. If you don't Instagram it, it didn't happen (see number five for reference).

7. Blogging can help you land a job and show off your creativity to future employers. 

8. You don't have to box yourself into a niche if you don't want to. People have multiple interests so it's safe to say that you shouldn't have to only write about food, or interior design, or cats if you don't want to .

9. Observe everything around you. It will make for great writing material and sharing funny, true stories from the day are some of my favorite posts to read. 

10. The more you write and brainstorm, the easier it will get.

Weekly Wishes

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Monday, October 13, 2014

Last week

1. Begin the Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge. I didn't start yet, but I did go through and cross off the books that I have already read as well as the ones that I have at least attempted to read in the past (here's looking to you Anna Karenina...) Sometimes I feel like I don't have anything to read so this list will be great to go back to for ideas. There's no timeline for this like the author of the Buzzfeed article. If you read a book every two weeks, it would take over two years to complete. That's a little too intense for me.

2. Not eat out for an entire week. I succeeded! (sort of) I did get a hamburger at the fair and a sundae afterwards, but there were no "I don't have time to pack a lunch so I will just go out and grab something" moments. I count this as a win in my book.

3. Make a list of all of the furniture that I'm missing. Check. I even prioritized the list. For example, I need a dresser/TV stand, but I can wait for an ottoman for a little while. Before I moved, I had zero furniture and within two weeks I had to find an apartment and pick out all of the essentials, preferably from one furniture store so I wouldn't have to pay for delivery and set up. It's nice to take my time on the finishing touches.

This week

1. Decide on a Halloween costume. The theme is "favorite board game/character." Any ideas? 

2. Buy/decorate a pumpkin. It may feel like summer, but that doesn't mean that I'm going to miss out on all my favorite season has to offer. 

3. Patiently wait for all of my online shopping purchases to come in. I did some major damage on the J Crew Factory sale yesterday. And this sweater just arrived from Asos. Sometimes I love shopping from the comfort of my couch. I have a system down now. While browsing, I put everything that I like into my cart and then go back and edit down my purchases. I usually make myself take a step back for a few hours before I actually hit "place order" to make sure that it isn't an impulse purchase. When shopping in the store, sometimes you don't have that luxury. And many times you have pesky salespeople working on commission following you around.

Coffee Talk

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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Navy, tan and burgundy is one of my favorite color combinations right now.

New season, new bag. Here's a great selection; I especially love the stripped weekender.

This post makes me want to hop on the next transatlantic flight to Paris, even if it's just to wander around the city.

I love staying organized. It's a bonus if your folders, containers and files are pretty to look at as well.

I've been on the hunt for white and navy bedding and I hit the mother load at PB Teen. Here are three duvets that I can't get enough of: one two three. Now I just need you to help me decide which one I love the most. Thoughts?

Remember when I didn't want to eat out this week? Well I've done really well with avoiding the drive thru lane. I can't wait to try this chicken gyro meal next week. Anything with homemade tzatziki on it is a winner in my recipe book!

I always knew that makeup had a shelf life but I'm horrible at remembering when I buy items and never know when to toss them.

I can't wait for cold weather (which I will more than likely have to travel to find) so I can enjoy boots, wool coats and oversized sweaters.